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Offshore Hiring

We can provide a simple and affordable solution to the companies who are looking to outsource their projects to India. This system will help in cost reduction, increased work force, stable project management and a hassle free execution of the project.

BIG BPO has location advantage, as our office is located Chennai IT capital of India, and well connected to all resources and have people with excellent communication skills. India is currently the most favored destination for professionals having specialized domain expertise.

We can provide you with experienced and skilled professionals in the field of IT, ITES, Finance and Data Management, who can work for you with dedication and on fixed monthly remuneration. These employees will be working under your instructions along with our supervision.

We will provide them entire infrastructure and required communication system, so that they can communicate with you on regular basis and you can update them with your instructions. We will appoint a project manager and a customer relation officer who will be responsible for communications and monitoring of your project's development.

The appointed programmer or developer will work from our location, which will save your day-to-day overhead costs. Since we will be doing recruitment for you,your HR manager will be free from this entire headache.

Our unique solution provides you flexibility to recruit your own Programmer or Developer virtually and also helps you to cut your cost and improve your return on investment.. This program will save your HR headaches, Payroll burdens, infrastructure cost and other overheads, that enable you to increase your profitability to a greater level.

Offshore Hiring Services:

  • Timely project execution.
  • Effective project monitoring.
  • Standardized quality.
  • Ownership of your product.
  • Cost effective labor.
  • Direct interaction with the programmer.
  • More stability than hiring a freelancer.
  • Saving time on searching for a professional person.
  • No headache for your HR team.
  • Increase or decrease work force at any point of time.
  • There will be "commitment" defined from the either side.